Another pandemic art project: 2020, Spring Interrupted

In the middle of preparing for Spring Open Studios this year…

the floral, spring-like environment that I had planned for my studio tour was suddenly interrupted, mid-hanging, thanks to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Five months later, in preparation for another Open Studios, the four partially hung panels of peony details have become a virtual “Spring Interrupted”, while I complete the installation with a new collection of themed silk scarves on the facing wall.


A pandemic art project: It Was The Grief

“We need people to see our truth here. We will not stop. We will not quit until this is over.” Julianne V., Covid ICU nurse in NY

… At the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, I was struck by a particularly powerful testimonial by a NY ICU nurse on FaceBook. It inspired me to create a work of art in that same spirit, to interpret and enhance the universality of her message. I selected specific quotes, laid them out rhythmically on a horizontal template, playing with text size, varying the words from blaring to more intimate. 24 masked faces punctuate the text rhythmically with what was available to me in our quarantine: a variety of face masks printed with my photos of urban art from cities hit especially hard with Covid 19. With no models available during the pandemic, for this piece I wear the masks myself.

This work is meant to be a tribute to all those facing the indescribable difficulties of working in a covid ICU day after day. The project’s goal is to elicit a strong emotional and empathetic response in the viewer.

Special thanks to Julianne V. for allowing me to use excerpts from her text, and to Liz Paez for hand sewing the face masks.


Step into the Rhythm!

BETWEEN THE LINES, an installation in studio 308
I’m a lover of books. I love to look at them, to photograph them in sequences, to accumulate the images into large works and observe the abstract patterns made by their colored spines. I find myself seduced by the visual rhythms of the page ends of books.

Step into the Rhythm during the upcoming Fall Open Studios at STUDIO 308, 1890 Bryant Street Studios, San Francisco CA 94110.
Opening preview Friday October 25, 6-9 pm. Saturday October 26 and Sunday October 27, 11 am to 6pm.

A summer exhibition in San Francisco!

Avenue 12 Gallery presents URBAN RHYTHMS _ Simo Neri: Photo Mosaics _ June 26 – August 16, 2019
Every city has a particular color palette. Ordinary urban details that we take for granted enter our consciousness subliminally. Focusing on a few of the cities I have lived in, I have represented features that describe a sensory geography of place. Each work tells a story, and in so doing describes a very personal sense of owning the city.
Avenue 12 Gallery
1101 Lake Street at 12th Avenue
San Francisco CA 94118
(415) 750-9955
Opening reception Saturday June 29, 4-7 pm.

American Spring 2018: Signs of the Times

Moved and inspired by the courage and passion of the young MSD survivors of the Valentine Day massacre in Parkland, FL
I photographed the signs at the March For Our Lives in San Francisco, and created compositions for a new silk scarf and bandana, to honor and share the message and spirit of this important, student-led initiative.

When you purchase a March For Our Lives scarf or bandana, a portion of proceeds will benefit the March For Our Lives Action Fund.

Maxine Espanol is waving high an American Spring March For Our Lives silk scarf and wearing a March For Our Lives bandana. Photo by Sophie Dolan.



Inspired by the Women’s March on Washington, and by the clever, witty, irreverent signs crafted by the marchers

I created compositions for a silk scarf and a cotton pillow cover celebrating the message and spirit of the march.

When you purchase a scarf or a pillow cover from the American Spring collection, a portion of proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

Paula Dias is waving high an American Spring silk scarf.