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Art in public spaces

I am interested in developing works of art for public spaces, on a scale that interacts convincingly with public architecture, and which will be enjoyed by a large and diverse public. In my work I like to transgress predictable perceptions of space and time: to widen horizons by installing indoor skies and vertical walls of grass, to have people walk through curtains of fire or car parts. By making work that can be touched and sometimes actually walked through, I challenge the conventional notion of art as something to be kept separate from the body. I think of my work as serious, certainly, but at the same time as both playful and poetic. I am used to working within formal constraints. For example, in the commissions for the Kunsthaus Graz, Thierry Mugler, and American Express, I selected and interpreted visual elements that evoked each particular theme and then worked to reveal their abstraction, their rhythm, their edge. Thanks to contemporary digital printing technology, my work can be mounted or printed directly on a variety of materials, including fabric, vinyl, glass, metal, PVC.