Between the Lines

November, 2001
In November 2001 I installed a solo show at Yume Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Between the Lines combined the optical abstraction of sequences of books from the page side, with the abstract, black and white patterns of moving water

This body of work stems from the photographic exploration of multiple vertical lines, both superposed and juxtaposed, found in an everyday environment. The sequential repetition and the continuous movement of the camera create areas of “silence” between the moving lines. The accumulation of lines and pauses between lines produce a dynamic visual rhythm, creating a music-like pattern. I began these studies by photographing groups of trees in a Japanese forest. More recently, I photograph piles of books, magazines, or files, to which the title refers.

Entrance to "Between the Lines" exhibition at Yume gallery
Bookends 2000

photographic strips on canvas
99 in x 41 in
edition of 1