Inspired by the Women’s March on Washington DC, and by the clever, witty, irreverent signs crafted by the marchers. Simo Neri created compositions for a limited edition silk scarf, and a double-sided cotton pillow cover, with the “signs” on one side and the “spirit” of the march on the other. A cause particularly dear to the artist is a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body, everywhere in the world. For the last 100 years Planned Parenthood has been an invaluable ally for women everywhere by providing healthcare and education that they would not have access to otherwise. The threat of defunding this important organization by the current administration constitutes a huge risk to the health and well being of women worldwide. Profits from all sales derived from the American Spring Campaign will go to Planned Parenthood.
BETWEEN THE LINES This body of work stems from the photographic exploration of multiple vertical lines, both superposed and juxtaposed, found in an everyday environment. The sequential repetition and the continuous movement of the camera create areas of “silence” between the moving lines, producing a dynamic visual rhythm. I began these studies by photographing architectural lines, and groups of trees in a Japanese forest. More recently, I photograph piles of books, magazines, or files, to which the title refers.
NATURAL RHYTHMS “A knowledge of the flux of nature – the subtle migrations of rocks, trees, leaves, grass, clouds, water, fire, cracks in the ground – comes to us through the reception of fragments. We feel, touch, smell, hear, and, most of all, see the surroundings bit by bit. In her successive unrolling of spools, Simo Neri has captured these multiple impressions of the natural world by combining the stillness of close-up photography with the sequencing of cinema, effectively presenting in cinegrams the mutability of nature… ” “Everything is constantly changing yet always seems the same.” Thoughts on the Works of Simo Neri by Richard Ingersoll
WEARING CITIES Every city has a particular color palette. Ordinary urban details that we take for granted enter our consciousness subliminally. As cities evolve, they produce varied urban aesthetics and create new ways of experiencing them. Focusing on four cities in particular, I have selected features that describe a sensory geography of place. Wearing these compositions on one’s body conjures up a very personal sense of owning the city. The scarves hang like banners of belonging. Wear the city, feel the city, BE the city!