Back to school, back to work, back to BOOKS!

September, 2015

This design is derived from a small segment of a 20-meter long, in situ installation, titled Marea, where I created a series of waves unfurling along a narrow corridor towards the viewer. The subject consisted of photographic sequences of books, seen from the page edge. The result was an actual “tide” of books advancing towards the viewer in waves.

“Between the Lines” is a body of work which stems from the study of the perception of multiple vertical lines, both superposed and juxtaposed. The accumulation of “silences” and lines produces a dynamic visual rhythm, altering the perception of the original grid, and creating a musical experience for the eyes.

I began these studies by photographing groups of trees in a Japanese forest. More recently I have photographed piles of books, magazines, and files, to which the title refers. 

Yogini Marta Quaglia is practicing with BOOKS I and II art pillows.

Digital print on linen from the installation Marea by Simo Neri.

Marta balancing BOOKS II
BOOKS I art pillow
BOOKS II art pillow