January, 2003
In January 2003 I was asked to participate in the inauguration of the new offices of the international law firm Eversheds/Frere Cholmeley, at 8 Place d’Iena in Paris, with an exhibition of my recent works. I decided to install a number of works representing natural rhythms in the common areas of the firm.

With this exhibition, I wanted to celebrate – and at the same time contrast – the typically ordered and cerebral work of a law firm with the chaotic rhythms of nature. These works explore the dynamic boundaries between order and disorder. One side of the double photo-curtain, “Rid’eau“, clouds, carrying water and all things potential, reveal the chaotic movement of air; while on the other side, the turbulent waters of a stream, reveal the subtle interplay between chance and regularity, adversity and acceptance. The screen “Watersleeves” juxtaposes the turbulent water of Japanese mountain streams with the peaceful water of the Mediterranean Sea and the golden water of the Seine.Always looking for a rhythmic balance in movement, I photographed trees, skies, water, and earth from different places; I have then multiplied, mixed, and composed these images in logical sequences or as chance encounters.

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