Virtual Wood

September, 2001
In September 2001 I installed a photographic forest at Belcher Gallery in San Francisco. Virtual Wood tries to confuse the conventional perception of depth and distance and to disorient the viewer when – by simply turning around – he finds himself in a forest of skies.

“A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees”  William Blake

Virtual Wood” is a photographic installation on a large scale, in which Simo Neri likes to transform our perception of distance and depth. She breaks down and separates the details of bark, grass and sky into sequences, then re-composes them into… a perfect forest, interactive, totally other. “What matters to me is to introduce the visitor to an idea of the landscape that is unconventional. This forest surprises and engages the viewer with its size, its unpredictability, and its soothing quality. “

Italian-born artist Simo Neri likes to dissect ordinary objects, and put them together in unexpected ways. What results from her assembled images – of tree bark, sand, cloth, leaves – are kaleidoscopic mosaics that match the natural beauty of the subjects with a beauty of their own… The pieces in “Virtual Wood” hang from the ceiling to mimic labyrinthine forests that suggest the movement and presence of their natural subjects. from “Pictures in pieces”, Anne Crump, San Francisco Examiner, September 2001

"A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees" William Blake