My Shadow Docket series

November, 2022

The SHADOW DOCKET series establishes my presence as an observer in a variety of urban settings. Using my own shadow as self portrait, I remain an omnipresent shadowy spy, while my photographs bring attention to the infinite graphic poetry of city sidewalks.
After a taxing couple of years working on the many difficult subjects confronting the general public, I have been reverting to a lighter, more playful investigation of my immediate surroundings through the lenses of my iPhone.
Limited edition, dye sublimation on metal and UV prints, mounted on cradled wood frames. Variable sized available.

Sidewalk Poetry, 8"x8"/each dye sublimation prints on metal on cradled wood frame
Self portrait with Rooftop Textures
Self portrait in the Multiverse
Self portrait in G
Self portrait at a Crossroads
Self portrait was a Saint
Self portrait in a Dunce Cap