Everything changes…

August, 2012

August in Paris. Most Parisians have left, and the few that remain are relaxed and cheerful. But everything changes, opportunities come up, and I’ve chosen this time to move my atelier of 12 years to the floor above, in the same courtyard. As I burrow through twelve years of accumulated work and archives, I uncover many a project stored and forgotten. What a test for the laws of order, organization, priorities! I’ve been reading John Maeda’s “Laws of Simplicity” – which I’m finding quite inspiring in the perennial struggle against entropy. “If brevity is the soul of wit, simplicity is the soul of design…” says Rob Forbes, founder of Design within Reach. I love the fact that complexity and simplicity are dynamically intertwined, our brain structuring the complexity surrounding us into patterns, systems, and words. Information overload = pattern recognition. So everything changes. After an initial few months of testing at wholesale prices, the cost of my online limited edition artwork has graduated to retail prices. The quality of the fabric, the artisanal workmanship, the limited number available, contribute to the intrinsic value of the work. New designs for scarves, as well as more limited edition art projects are in-the-works – scheduled for online offering in the fall. Stay tuned!