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Some of the Parts

Thoughts on the Works of Simo Neri – Richard Ingersoll, April, 2005 – […] The sum of the parts is  in effect only some of the parts. Yet this method evokes a greater whole that can be identified as the  resonance between the viewer and the phenomenon. As research these works push provocatively on the “doors of perception“. They are precise and  objective portrayals of fragments of reality that deny the possibility of seeing objects in space in their  three-dimensional integrity. Photography has been used to countermine its own determinedly scopic  nature to see things from a different, multiple point of view. Each shot provides a piece of space, but  taken together they do not lead to a literal reconstruction of a setting. At the same time that space has  been negated, the more ambitious works that hang free-standing propose a basic contradiction: they are  installed as spatial definers, shaping the interior environment.